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Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil 10ml
Rs. 449.00Rs. 245.00

Natural and Clean Ingredients

Tested Safe and Certified

Loved by over 10000+ customers

100% Pure and Undiluted

Additional Info

  • Source - Bulgaria

  • Distilled -India

  • Method of Collection-Steam distillation

  • Product Description-(Lavandula)

How To Use Essential Oils

Unlocking the potential of essential oils, such as lavender essential oil, is like embarking on a journey of well-being and relaxation. Essential oils, known for their natural goodness, offer a multitude of benefits, and lavender essential oil is a shining example. To fully harness the power of lavender essential oil, understanding how to use it effectively is essential.

To begin, dilute lavender essential oil with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil. This step ensures that the oil is safe for direct skin application. For a soothing massage or stress relief, blend a few drops of lavender essential oil with your chosen carrier oil and gently apply it to your skin. Another delightful way to experience its calming effects is by using an essential oil diffuser. Simply add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the diffuser, and it will fill the room with its soothing aroma, promoting relaxation.

Lavender essential oil also offers a range of benefits for your hair. Incorporate it into your haircare routine by mixing a few drops with your shampoo or conditioner. This not only stimulates hair growth but also helps combat dandruff. When seeking the best lavender essential oil in India, keep an eye out for quality without breaking the bank. Lavender essential oil is not only affordable but also easily accessible online. Integrating it into your daily routine is a cost-effective way to experience its myriad uses and advantages.


By applying the diluted Lavender oil while meditating one can feel its calming effects. Its a great aroma oil for sleep, insomnia, anxiety and depression

The soothing properties of lavender oil are good for minor skin irritations.The best essential oils for sleep, You just need to put them behind the ears or on the neck prior to bedtime so that you can take in the relaxing aroma oil for sleep and aid in a better night's sleep.

Travel comfortably with our relaxing lavender essential oils. Perfect for using lavender oil for skin throughout the day or lavender oil for sleep before bed for a relaxed state of mind and peaceful sleep. It is also known as the best essential oil for sleeping.

Caution:- Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. Not intended for use on infants.

Spread your love with the best relaxing scent

Create a desirable ambience and atmosphere

Natural Essential Oils 

Besides using reputable clean ingredients of Indian origin, we are also very thorough about the process of making essential oils.

Skin and Hair Care

Lavender not only does it smell great, but it also has additional benefits. However, not many people know that lavender oil can treat certain hair and skin problems like hairgowth and reduces acne.

Support meditation and prayer

Stimulates our limbic system, hormones like serotonin and dopamine can be produced to help regulate mood.

Liven up decor & fragrance of your space

An excellent way to subtly add a wonderful fragrance to your space while masking unpleasant odours.


1.How to dilute essential oils?

For adults:

Using a 2% essential oil dilution is generally considered a safe guideline for topical application of essential oils on adults If the dermal maximum for an essential oil is below 2%, it is important that you do not exceed the dermal maximum. For children or elderly, use only a 1% dilution. With children, use only essential oils regarded as safe for children.You can dilute with any of your favourite carrier oil.

2.Which carrier oil can I use with essential oils?

Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy that uses essential oils to improve physical and emotional well-being. Carrier oils are an important part of aromatherapy. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils in order to be applied to the skin with no side effects.Fractionated Coconut Oil is the best carrier oil to add with essential oils as it absorbs well on skin.

3.How many oils can you mix together?

You can combine as many oils as you want . The best blends include five, six, and sometimes more oils. But, adding too many oils can lead to a mix-up of different notes that leads to undesirable results.

4.Can you use essential oils directly on your skin?

Essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin as they are highly concentrated. It can cause skin irritation and even allergic reactions.

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