Easy Cleaning Tips With Essential Oils To Refresh Your Home

Essential oils can do much more than just create a pleasant fragrance in your home. Many of them have antibacterial properties, making them a great alternative to home cleaning. Essential oils in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room can be a great addition to household cleaning products. Traditional commercial cleaning products may contain harsh chemicals that you don't need around food or skin. Thus, harnessing the cleansing power of essential oils can be a great way to create and maintain a healthy and environmentally friendly home environment. If you're wondering what essential oils to use as effective cleansers, We have compiled a list of great essential oils for non-toxic cleaning.


Lavender is a popular essential oil due to its versatility and soothing scent. It is a very nice addition to homemade laundry soap or can be sprayed on linen and mixes well with many other popular oils. Try mixing it with peppermint, orange, or lemon in your next DIY cleaning product mix.


This peppermint essential oil has strong cleansing properties and a cooling fragrance that smells great in the bathroom or kitchen. Effective against a wide range of microbes at 1% dilution, making it an excellent choice for cleaning after cooking. Try mixing it with your cleansing liquid in your household cleaners.


With a fresh lemon tea-like scent, lemongrass essential oil is a great addition to any home project. The components in lemongrass oil have a strong antibacterial effect. Effective after 3% dilution.

Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange essential oil has a fantastic, refreshing and lively fragrance. It contains a natural solvent called limonene, which perfectly removes grease and dirt. Its antiseptic properties make it a powerful cleaner for use on cutting boards, countertops, bathrooms and any surfaces that require germ-free cleaning. Its citrus scent is great for diffusion, keeping the air clean and fresh.


How to Use Essential Oils for Cleansing

It's easy to use simple household ingredients to create safe and effective homemade cleaners. For cooking, add vinegar to a spray bottle of water as well as the necessary cleaning oils of your choice. How much you use depends on how much perfume you like, but even a few drops can increase the cleaning power of water and vinegar. Use the spray on counters, stoves, sinks, floors, or any other surface you wipe down. Remember to use gloves and shake well as the essential oils will not be completely dispersed.

How do these components work? Vinegar contains acetic acid that kills bacteria. Baking soda is alkaline and is great for removing stains. Not only are these ingredients safe, they've been used for generations - and they work! Have fun blending your favorite essential oils to enjoy their aromatherapy benefits while you cleanse. Since cleansers often contain a higher dilution of essential oils, be sure to use gloves when cleaning to avoid the cleanser getting on.

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